The name Geasy comes from the word geyser, also known as a water-heater in other parts of the world. Geasy is a smart-geyser-controller device which allows remote heating scheduling, temperature control and peak demand management (for multiple geyser installs) through the BridgIoT platform. Geasy is capable of measuring water temperature, ambient temperature, water volume flow, electrical energy supplied to your hot water heater, as well as measuring for a leak in your drip tray.

These measurements enable you to easily save on your electricity bill by setting an optimal heating schedule yourself! With basic scheduling, your geyser’s energy consumption can easily be reduced by 30 %. If you plan on using hot water outside of your normal usage, you can make sure that there is hot water by scheduling heating on our app at the appropriate time.

From Geasy’s water measurements you will learn how much hot water is used for each event, such as washing the dishes, doing laundry or taking a shower. These insights will show you where the problem areas lie specifically to your home and enable you to adjust your behaviour for optimal savings.

Damages from a burst geyser can be significant.  Therefore Geasy can detect when there is water in the drip tray and notify you of it.  Not only that, it can shut-off the water supply, limiting the damage the burst can cause.

It is preferable to install the Geasy along with a new geyser installation, but can also be retrofitted to existing water heaters.


  • Temperature control
  • Leak detection & notification
  • Manual heating scheduling
  • Peak demand scheduling
  • Water metering
  • Energy measurement
  • Remote water-inlet shutoff

Ideal for

Peak demand management

Water metering

Behavior adjustment

Burst/Leak detection

Energy Metering

Geasy Web-app Samples