A compact, yet powerful device for flooding detection. Imagine your geyser bursts or your home is flooded by excessive rain while you are at work or away for a holiday. This device will send an alarm via sms and email in order to give you peace of mind. Communication occurs via the Sigfox network with alerts sent within seconds of the event occurring. When just idle, the device sends a daily keep-alive message in order to assure that it is still functional, therefore the technology is set-and-forget, allowing peace of mind for years to come.


  • Reliable with no false alarms
  • Solid gold-plated contacts
  • Cool, small, clever design
  • Waterproof IP67 and sending while floating
  • Lasting over 10 years
  • Loud alarm buzzer
  • Movement or flip warning (accelerometer inside)
  • End of leak detection and reporting
  • Temperature threshold alarms (antifreeze, overheat)
  • Incredible radio performance

Size: 60x60x60mm

Ideal for

Water heater burst/leak detection

Pipe burst/leak detection

Flooding detection