With our province’s dam levels at over 75 %, it’s an extraordinary pleasure to bring you the latest update on the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge campaign.

Over 340 schools have now had the Dropula device installed and there is only a handful left to grasp, with about half of the remaining sponsorships allocated to schools in the West Coast Peninsula. Although getting new schools online has been naturally decelerating, our cumulative savings are accelerating unabatedly at this point, as we sit at over 200 million litres of water saved!

As the savings continue to flow, so too do our engineers persist with analysing the data streams. The graph below is one of our latest means of illustrating the disparity between a school’s actual cumulative usage (blue), and what it almost certainly would’ve been their usage (red line). From this, we are able to derive just how much of our precious resource was plausibly saved (green).

We establish the baseline (average of a school’s usage) during the weeks before maintenance is performed and can project how much water the school would’ve used to date if it had continued with that exact usage pattern. In almost all cases, schools’ usage veers downwards, thanks to myriad factors, including schools being more conscientious, the sponsored maintenance are done, and of course, Bridgiot’s monitoring & intervention when an excessive flow is caught.

We hope to have even more good news for you in the coming months, as it seems that our benefactors would agree that you can’t keep a good thing down. Until then, we thank our generous sponsors for their unwavering support.

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