It’s during a very exciting time that we have the pleasure of updating you on the progress of the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge at schools in the Western Cape.

Thanks to the generous support of our corporate and government sponsors, the month of April saw our campaign save a hefty 15 million litres of water (and just under R1.5 million) at 230 schools that are equipped with the Dropula. For more information and the tracking dashboard, visit

With the start of the school term, we kicked off the behavioural intervention study in collaboration with Prof Martine Visser’s team at UCT’s School of Economics ( and the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. In the study, there are three groups of schools. The schools in the first group receive weekly reports that summarise their consumption for the week (a sample of the report is shown below). The schools in the second group receive competitive and ranking information additional to the weekly report. Both of these groups also receive notifications of anomalous consumption events. The schools in the third group do not (yet) receive any information, and act as a control group, to add scientific rigour to the results.

Although the study is only in its infancy, the intervention already seems to be affecting behaviour. Preliminary analysis indicates that our weekly saving in the last week of the first term was 3.4 million litres, while the saving in the first (full) week in the current term was 4.1 million litres. We are, therefore, cautiously optimistic about affecting real behavioural change in the leaders of tomorrow.

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Thank you once again for your continued support and interest in this important and exciting project.

Kind regards
Thinus, on behalf of the Bridgiot team.