As the first school term draws to a close and the crisp autumn weather moves in, so too is the season changing for the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge. With the sponsorship period coming to an end for the majority of our schools over the next few months, we’re trying our utmost to ensure that they experience the utility of our services while the school is still enrolled for free. Thereafter, unless they choose to subscribe, the school’s device will go offline, thus we’re encouraging them to take advantage of these services and discover the extent to which their water-saving practices will be enhanced.

Said services include access to the web application and the benefit of conveniently monitoring their school’s water flow online.

Analytics graph providing a month-level overview right down to the hourly water flow at a school.

Schools would also receive daily and weekly reports via email, including detailed analysis of their usage, whereby they could predict what their next water bill might look like and make preemptive changes.

Some of the valuable info available in the weekly water usage report.

Accordingly, if a school has not yet done so, we urge them to create a free account on and they will be linked to the Dropula smart water meter installed there and have access to all of the above and more, while their device remains online.

Last week we went on CapeTalk Radio for a brief update on the campaign, and touched on the challenge of getting schools to interact with the service, despite it being free, and the massive potential it has if its use becomes routine at schools, even among learners. You can listen to the quick interview here:

As usual before the holidays, we are reminding schools to use their stop valve at the water mains. Just a moderate loss of 400 litres per hour (potentially one tap left open) over the 17-day break would result in a total of 163,200 litres wasted, which equates to over R6,500! So consider the consequences if there are multiple running taps, cisterns, urinals, or there’s outside access to a school’s water or even a pipe burst. By using the stop valve over the holidays, hopefully any such losses will be prevented while schools are closed.

With that, we thank our sponsors for the savings they continually empower schools to make, and wish all school staff a rejuvenating two weeks until next term!