During May, the number of schools grew by another 35, with a total of 265 schools now equipped with the Dropula thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Of those, more than half have undergone maintenance. Together, the partnership has saved a cumulative 74 megalitres of potable water, which equates to a whopping R6 million saved. As we educate the staff and learners about preserving our limited resources, our hope is that the monetary savings will be used to improve the education of our precious children. For more information and the tracking dashboard, visit www.schoolswater.co.za.

Some of you may have experienced first-hand that our behavioural intervention is now in full swing, with around 100 schools already part of the study. Although the results are not quite yet where we want them, we are expecting great things from the second wave of schools, which will be participating in the study from the first week of June.

We also want to take this opportunity to encourage you to keep saving water despite the recent rains. We are witnessing a worrying trend that is not limited to the schools – households, offices, fast food retailers, schools, and student houses are all showing steadily increasing consumption. The graph below shows that weekly savings actually decreased in the last two weeks of May, despite more schools being serviced. That said, we managed to save 20 megalitres in May alone.

Unfortunately, we also have some bad news. The heart of our #SmartWaterMeterChallenge operations, Jurie Erwee, is moving on to join his family’s business. We do not have words to express our gratitude to Jurie and wish him the very best with this exciting opportunity.

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Thank you once again for your sustained support and interest in this important and exciting project.
Thinus Booysen