We here at BridgIoT welcome you back from what we hope were very happy holidays. We trust any early-January inertia will be swiftly dealt with as we pick up the pace in our combined conservation efforts.

To kick things off, we’re proud to share the good tidings that — with the help of the many schools using their stop valves — an estimated 40 million litres of water was saved at schools over the December holidays. We’re also grateful to see that the dams have not taken too much of a hit just yet, thanks in part to a pleasantly fresh first month of summer.

This week, we’re excited to be exhibiting at the “Green Pioneers” Exhibition held as part of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) Ministerial Conference, from 10-11 January at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. So, if you’ve been awaiting an opportunity to interact with us in the flesh, please pay us a visit there!


This term, our renewed focus is to encourage schools’ increased interaction with our online web app (app.bridgiot.co.za). Only once the tools offered by BridgIoT are fully harnessed by the end users — you! — can we expect to affect behaviour to the broadest extent, and subsequently enjoy the most marked savings.

With that said, we thank you and our sponsors for jumping back into the fray alongside us once again. May you have a healthy and productive start to 2019, as we look forward to the fruits of our collective efforts this year.