Following a successful pilot study using our Dropula smart water meter at Hector Peterson High School, the Western Cape Education Department and Shoprite teamed up with BridgIoT to equip 270 schools with the technology via a sponsorship initiative. Shortly thereafter, they also issued a public challenge on Cape Talk Radio, challenging other corporates to do their part and also sponsor a Dropula device at one or more schools. Thus, the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge was born in November 2017.

Within no time, more than 90 other corporates pledged to support this initiative, and the race was on for BridgIoT to allocate said sponsorships to suitable schools around the Western Cape. Starting first with the highest water users (usually identified by assessing municipal accounts and / or advised by the WCED), BridgIoT was then tasked with:

  1. Assessing water meter compatibility, often replacing the meter outright
  2. Attaching the Dropula device and checking that decent signal was present for the device to report reliably
  3. Issuing a round of maintenance at the school, performed by one of our plumbing teams, where fixes for causes of potable water loss were prioritised
  4. Potentially following up with a second round of maintenance, within budget, should further work have been recommended
  5. Actively monitoring the schools for apparent water bursts and advising them thereof
  6. And, most recently, ensuring schools have access to their own water usage data using BrigIoT’s online web app

The #SmartWaterMeterChallenge celebrated its first birthday in November 2018, by then having reached more than 340 schools and saved in excess of 20 million litres of water. Presently, BridgIoT continues to encourage schools to practice self-monitoring of their water usage — courtesy of their Dropula device — and experience the enhanced benefits thereof, as opposed to external (or no) monitoring.

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  • 6 million Liters Saved

    6 million Liters Saved

  • 265x222 Shoprite (White Background)

    Hector Peterson Pilot

  • First Maintenance Completed

    First Maintenance Completed

  • Dropula

    First Dropula Installed

  • First Trials at School

    First Trials at School

Mike Mavovana (Principal of Hector Peterson) Testimonial

by Cape Talk Radio | The John Maytham Show

“There are benefits for us, especially financial benefits…”

Mike Mavovana

Principal, Hector Peterson

WCED Commitment to the challenge

by Cape Talk Radio | The John Maytham Show

“This is an excellent example of the private sector rising to the challenge of a crisis…”

Debbie Schäfer

Minister of Education, Western Cape Government

Schools Research Projects

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Schools Behaviour Study

Saving Water at Cape Town Schools by using Smart Metering and Behavioural Change.

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Schools Behaviour Study

Saving Water at Cape Town Schools by using Smart Metering and Behavioural Change.