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The Green Classroom project is a multipronged effort involving the installation of energy efficient devices at schools (starting with a single classroom) and raising awareness about global warming, carbon footprints, greenhouse gasses and renewable energy sources.

Each Green Classroom is designed to incorporate:

  • PV (solar) power
  • LED lights
  • Thermal insulation in the roof
  • Smart metering and a display to indicate savings
  • The classroom’s façade decorated to make it look green (e.g. artificial grass or an illustrated scene from nature)
  • Educational and promotional material (flyers, etc.) issued to the school

The Green Classrooms will thereby act as a vehicle to:

  • Reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses (our calculations show that schools in the Western Cape alone produce more than 500,000 kg of CO2 emissions per month due to coal-dependent electricity consumption)
  • Measure the impact on the consumption behaviour of the whole school
  • Drive CO2, renewables, and energy awareness with kids
  • Reduce dependency on Eskom and thus their susceptibility to blackouts
  • Save money for the schools and the Department of Education

With the support of several sponsors, BridgIoT has currently set up four such classrooms in the Western Cape, and their savings can be seen at