Green Classroom

Smart Water Meter Challenge

Global warming is a threat to our sustained existence on earth and is caused by greenhouse gasses, which is caused by burning fossil fuels for transport, electricity, and industry. South Africa’s energy production is heavily reliant on coal, the burning of which results in emissions of greenhouse gasses.

The average classroom uses enough energy to generate more than 1000 kg of CO2 per year. Through the installation of solar panels, we have offset the electricity used by the classroom. In addition to renewable energy sources, more efficient use of electricity also reduces greenhouse gasses.

The harsh drought experienced nearly country-wide in 2017 prompted BridgIoT to partner with Stellenbosch University, Shoprite, the WCED and various other corporate sponsors to launch the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge — an initiative that supplies schools with smart-water-metering technology in order to save precious water and funds.

Corporates sponsored the installation of Dropula units at over 340 schools in the Western Cape, as well as leak-reducing maintenance — the combination of which allows for an average daily saving of half a million litres of water!