A quick and final update for the year on our Green Classroom project.

We have had another team join Therese and Miranda at SUNStep to be trained on climate change and renewable energy sources and to assemble and solder their own solar phone chargers. This time it was Principal Werner Cloete and his young men from Calling Academy (take a minute and look at the video explaining this very special revolutionary school at www.callingeducation.org.za).

Student with solar chargerStudent with solar charger (2)


Student with solar charger (3)

Although extremely ambitious, we have started exploring bio-energy generation for this school since the school has to pay someone to manually remove their waste every week. If you know someone who wants to do a proof-of-concept and make a real difference by investing in our youth’s education where it is needed most, let me know. (Queen’s University Belfast… Nudge-nudge). Thank you Ms Liesel Koch for taking the photographs.

A quick summary of how much we have saved since September at the three schools where we have PV installed with LED replacements (excluding behavioural changes).





CO2 emissions prevented [kg]
AF Louw 593 87 612
Laerskool Stellenbosch 652 154 725
Rhenish Primary 586 75 595
Courtrai Primary

(one month only)

4250 3825
Total 5757

Then, we are just waiting on the WCED to approve Rhenish Girls High’s PV solar installation. Hopefully, the department will make haste and surprise us with an early Christmas present, especially since Eskom cannot meet demand at present.  WCED… Nudge-nudge….