With January having come and gone, both the year and #SmartWaterMeterChallenge are already in 5th gear as we maintain existing Dropula devices at schools and prioritise pushing for users to self-monitor their water usage on app.bridgiot.co.za.

On the 26th of Jan, we had the privilege of attending the WCED Education Indaba, where — in an effort to include outside role-players and stakeholders in our province’s education conversation — HOD Brian Schreuder candidly shared with the ±150 invitees the severe challenges facing our learners, teachers, and the department.

After splitting up into plenary groups to discuss possible solutions, we reconvened to share our strategies amongst all gathered, as the WCED listened attentively. Those in attendance were grateful and encouraged to have begun collaborating, and we look forward to the resulting action once the purposeful discourse has been digested.

Although not directly water-saving-related, it was an incredibly edifying event for us. Not only to see where conservation — and the education thereof — comes in, but to adjust our perspective on the vast array of other concerns schools must deal with daily and thereby enhance our services accordingly.

In other, less lofty news, our website has been undergoing a serious overall, so head to www.bridgiot.co.za to see the myriad improvements and updates. It’s an ongoing process, however, for which we’re carefully scouting the right web developer. So, if you know anyone who’s skilled enough, interested in IoT, and conservation-conscious, please usher them our way.

With that, we bid you adieu until next month, and thank you and our all our sponsors for the continued support.