Q: Where can I buy BridgIoT's products?

A:  Please mail us at or phone +27 (0)21 201 6939.

Q: Is there a BridgIoT app for iOS or Android?

A: We offer a cross-platform app in the form of a web-app, which can be found at

Q: Does BridgIoT supply prepaid water-metering?

A: No, BridgIoT does not supply prepaid water-metering devices. Our solutions are currently suitable only for monitoring and billing. More information can be found here.

Q: What products does BridgIoT sell?

A: BridgIoT’s aim is to enable the internet-of-things revolution. We plan to do this through being able to take any edge device that you may have online, in order to give you access to your data via the cloud. As such, we sell enabling devices — the communication modules — required to take edge sensors online. In order to supply high-quality service we do also, in some cases, procure the required edge devices for your needs if necessary.

We cannot, however, place any warranty on third-party hardware and we advise that you procure the necessary edge devices yourself, whereafter our solutions can be installed to facilitate communication with the cloud. Some of the applications of our technology can be seen here in more detail.

Q: What is IoT?

A: IoT is an acronym for the Internet-of-things. IoT can be described as a network of devices (e.g. vehicles, appliances, mobile phones, and anything that has internet connectivity) which allows ‘things’ to connect, interact and exchange data.

Q: Is there coverage for your communication devices in my area?

A: We prefer to use the Sigfox network, for which a local (RSA) coverage map can be seen here or an international coverage map can be seen here. The Sigfox network has good coverage of all urban areas in South Africa, and in areas where Sigfox has not yet rolled out, we prefer to use GSM communication (specifically for our GEASY device) which has countrywide coverage.


Q: What is Dropula?
A: Dropula is the name of BridgIoT’s communication module which provides an IoT solution for water meter connectivity to the cloud. More information can be found here.
Q: Is Dropula available for home use?
A: Yes, please contact for more information.
Q: Is my water meter compatible?

A: If your water meter is pulse-capable or is a wireless smart-water-meter, chances are good that we will be able to interface with it. Some datasheets of compatible meters that we frequently encounter are linked here.

Q: Are BridgIoT's devices suitable for billing purposes?

A: Some edge devices, such as the ultrasonic smart-water-meters are suitable for billing purposes. However, most pulse-capable devices on the market are , in our opinion, not suitable for billing purposes, as we’ve seen that these devices can have inaccuracies of around 20 % in some cases.