Bridgiot’s two main consumer products, the Geasy smart geyser controller and the smart water meter, enables consumers to manage devices and information through our online platform.  Both these devices enable consumers to make considerable savings and to be more environmentally conscious.

Smart Water Meter

Ever wondered where all your water goes to or why your water bill is so high? With our water meter you will be able to see how much water you used when.  This information will help you understand which events are the culprits.

The device could also help you detect a leaking toilet or open tap, sending you a notification of suspicious events.

Water measurement

Per Minute granularity

Historical trend analysis

Water usage time breakdown

Leak detection

Abnormal event notifications

Online access


Geasy is our flagship product that changes your previously dumb geyser into a smart one.  Geasy is an electronic device that is retrofitted onto a standard geyser. The electronic device then communicates to Bridgiot’s online platforms and the user can manage their device from our website.

Geasy enables you to easily save on your electricity bill by making it easy to set the optimal heating schedule.  If you enable Geasy’s auto-scheduling, Geasy will learn from your usage pattern and set you heating schedule for you!  With basic scheduling your geyser’s energy consumption can easily be reduced by 30%.

With Geasy’s water measurements, you will be surprised to learn how much hot water is wasted.  Our website presents you with exactly how much water was used when. Now you will have the information in hand to adjust your behaviour for optimal saving.

Damages from a burst geyser can be significant.  Therefore Geasy can detect when there is water in the drip tray and notify you of it.  Not only that, it can shut-off the water supply, limiting the damage the burst can cause.

Power measurement

Water measurement

Temperature estimation

Schedule control

Online access

Burst detection and mitigation

Abnormal event notifications

Geasy Options?

Basic Smart Mitigator
ON/OFF/Schedule x x x
Power measurement x x x
Temperature estimation x x x
Burst detect x x x
Water measurements x x
Shut-off valve x


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