• Schools Project Conceptualization

    3076x1169 Dropula LogoThinus Booysen realises that a lot of time and effort goes into optimising resource usage in people's businesses and homes, where adults spend most of their time, but - schools - where children spend most of their time is neglected.

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  • Hector Peterson Secondary Pilot

    A Dropula, sponsored by Shoprite, is installed at Hector Peterson Secondary school, reducing their water use from 50 kL/day to 4 kL/day!

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  • Launch of Schools Dashboard

    A dashboard for the schools using the Dropula system was launched, accessible at

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  • #SmartWaterChallenge Kickoff

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    Following the pilot installation of a Dropula at Hector Peterson Secondary, among others, Shoprite committed to instaling a Dropula at 100 schools.

  • 60 Dropulas Installed #SmartWaterMeterChallenge

  • 17 million litres of water saved by the #SchoolsWaterMeterChallenge

    Image result for theewaterskloof dam

    You will certainly be aware that public awareness of, and concern for the drought and the looming threat of Day Zero, have heightened significantly over the last few weeks. Schools play an important role in water saving, firstly because they are large consumers of water, but also because of the impact we can make through affecting children’s behaviour at the school and home through awareness.

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  • 134 Schools Online

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