As winter draws to a close and the dry summer approaches, we are still running strong with the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge at schools in the Western Cape. With 311 schools equipped with the Dropula, we are rushing towards the full complement of 358 schools, and have saved a combined 131,622,225 litres of water, which is the equivalent monthly allocation of 22,000 households. This saving equates to R11 million that the schools can put to better use.

Despite the progress, we are urgently looking for more schools that can benefit from the funding provided by our sponsors and the services provided by Bridgiot. If you know of a school in the Western Cape that does not have a Dropula and may benefit from our solution, contact us at

We would like to, once again, thank our generous sponsors for their support. For more information, and the tracking dashboard, visit

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Thank you all for your sustained support and interest in this important and exciting project.

Kind regards
Thinus, on behalf of the Bridgiot team.