BridgIoT is an internet of things system integrator. The company originated from the research of Prof MJ Booysen conducted at Stellenbosch University. The research lead to a marketable product named Geasy, a smart geyser controller. Geasy paved the way for the development of other IoT products.

One of these earlier products was a smart water meter solution named Dropula. Dropula gained traction through the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge, a corporate social investment project spearheaded by Shoprite. Through collaboration with CapeTalk radio and the WCED, other corporates got involved, enabling us to install Dropula’s at 350 schools in the Western Cape. The project officially kicked off in November 2017.

Since the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge, BridgIoT has grown in size and capability. Numerous solutions in the consumer, commercial and agricultural IoT spaces have been developed by its team of employees.

How does BridgIoT’s solution work?

BridgIoT’s monitoring solutions can connect devices to the cloud that would traditionally require manual reading of their display (or register) values. The so-called edge devices can either communicate wirelessly or via connected wires with BridgIoT’s enabling devices. These devices then report the data to the cloud via one of the communications networks available, such as Sigfox or GSM (only for GEASY devices). Please refer to the figure included below for a network overview of the BridgIoT Internet-of-Things (IoT) network.


BridgIoT’s online web app provides you with detailed visualisations of your data statistics across all popular platforms. Custom notifications — set up for abnormal or significant events — and periodic reports can be sent via SMS or email. Your usage history, billing information, and data analytics are also easily accessible on the fly.


Full analytics of your data are securely stored on BridgIoT’s cloud database — using blockchain technology where traceability is required — ensuring that your data is encrypted and protected while it awaits your assessment. Machine learning and sophisticated algorithms provide pivotal analyses and features.


BridgIoT’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution is one that enables high-resolution reporting of data from nearly all imaginable data collection devices (edge devices). These edge sensors can be anything from pulse-capable water meters to livestock location trackers.