Helping Western Cape schools to save millions of litres of water every month

The Shoprite Group piloted Bridgiot’s Dropula smart water meter at Hector Peterson Secondary, who was able to save a million litres of water per month. Now, we’re installing 100 schools across the Western Cape.

Gain control of your utility bills


Cost savings and waste reduction

Remote monitoring and control

Real-time reporting

Historic trend analysis and services


Our cloud hosted platform enables centralized management of high energy usage devices which enable organizations to better understand energy usage patterns and furthermore enable them to reduce electricity costs by managing scheduling, and maximum demand as well as “time of day” electricity costs.



Guest houses


Office blocks

Remote locations


Bridgiot’s two main consumer products, the Geasy smart geyser controller and the smart water meter, enables consumers to manage devices and information through our online platform. Both these devices enable consumers to make considerable savings and to be more environmentally conscious.

Remote access

Remote monitoring and control

Risk reduction

Historic trend analysis

Per minute granularity


Increased efficiency

Cost savings